Strategic Planning Separates The Best From The Rest

PR firms are not all created equal. Some are visionaries, while others are mere tacticians. The key to a good fit is by determining what you need. Some PR firms are part of the marketing process, while others work the waters of government relations and crisis communications. Meanwhile, there is the old-school image of PR practitioners as just publicity hawks. Each of these arenas is very different in terms of capability and approach.

Few of my clients have the time or money to waste on incompetent marketing firms. Not only can a bad decision impact your brand and customer relationships, but it can give your competitors a chance to steal market share and revenues. 

Hiring the wrong PR firm can hurt your brand and your bottom line.

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1. What’s your first step? Assessment? Research? Planning?

2. Do you have experience in my industry?

3. How do you measure results?

4. How do you stay on top of current events and trends?

5. What will you need from our team?

6. Will senior staff work on my account?

7. How do you integrate media relations, social media, advertising and other communications?

8. How else can you help our organization?

9. Why should we choose you?

10. Will we be expected to pay additional fees?

12. Do you mark-up invoices from other vendors?

13. How long have you had your clients? What do they like about your firm?

14. What are the critical success factors to a productive relationship, a successful brand, and an effective campaign?

Great advertising agencies and PR firms are partners and assets to your organization. They can help you turn issues into opportunities. They can position you as the leader and the voice of reason.

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