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Public education has been thrust into a leadership crisis under the battle flag of reform. It’s causing damage across the state in many ways.

Teachers must seize the opportunity to break through the leadership crisis. With the help of multiple stakeholder groups, teachers are developing a plan that will make Colorado’s public schools work for everyone. Who better to lead the way to more cost-effective public education in Colorado than the knowledge and experience of our teachers.

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) passed House Bill 1323 in 2015. This landmark policy is the first step toward reclaiming our classrooms and our schools for the benefit of our students, families, communities and businesses. It’s the first step of many to provide more time to teach and more time to learn. Our public schools are serving record numbers of students, including record numbers who live in poverty and homelessness.

“We can’t afford dysfunctional leadership in Colorado any longer,” said Gary Chandler, president of Denver-based Crossbow Communications. “Since Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled that cuts to school funding are constitutional, it’s time to organize, educate, motivate and advocate like never before. It’s time for teachers to lead the revolution on reform.”

After reviewing the results of CEA’s recent Time to Teach, Time to Learn membership survey, it became clear that Colorado’s teachers have the vision and motivation to make our public schools great. Colorado’s teachers have always been leaders. Now, they are ready to:

  • change the way that teachers are recruited, trained, evaluated, supported and held accountable;
  • spend less time and money on testing;
  • return to best practices;
  • return resources to the classroom, including a broader curriculum, modern textbooks & technology;
  • start education opportunities by age four;
  • keep schools safe;
  • cap class sizes to allow for one-on-one attention;
  • provide community support services for nutrition, health and education;
  • provide better services for special needs and gifted students;
  • provide time and opportunity for more physical activity;
  • educate the whole child and provide wrap-around services to those at risk of falling behind;
  • provide more experiential learning opportunities;
  • repeal the 2012 READ Act;
  • change the ways and means that Colorado’s public schools are funded, while pursuing broad-based cost reduction strategies and alternative funding sources.

These steps and others can restore cost-effectiveness, productivity and autonomy to our public schools.

“It’s time to raise the bar for educators and legislators alike,” Chandler said. “We’re soliciting support from stakeholders across the state to push for reforms that work for everyone—especially our students. Only our teachers can lead us out of this high-stakes leadership crisis in Colorado.”

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