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Crossbow wrote the book on sustainability—several of them. In addition to international consulting, we formed a division called Earth News in 1991 that helped develop environmental success stories from around the world. Earth News is an internationally syndicated environmental news service profiling the positive environmental efforts of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world. The syndicated column has been published around the globe since 1991.

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The company and its founders wrote 11 books for New York publishers, including:

Environmental Heroes (Pruett Publishing, 1995)
Contemporary Environmentalists (Facts on File, 1996)
Environmental Causes (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Alternative Energy Sources (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Recycling (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Kids Who Make a Difference (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Protecting Our Air, Land and Water (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Guardians of Wildlife (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)
Natural Foods and Products (Henry Holt & Company, 1997)

We can help you with stakeholder relations, brand management, coalition development and management, and compliance issues. It pays to make the right business decisions for everyone. To maximize the impact of your efficiency and sustainability goals, please contact us for an assessment. Together, we can build your bottom line and a brighter world.

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Crossbow Communications is one of the leading public relations and public affairs firms in the United States. We have influenced public opinion and public policy around the world for more than 30 years. Today, we are tackling some of the most urgent issues of our time, including vital health and environmental challenges. Our offices are in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.

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