You have a great vision and a powerful solution, but bringing the world to your doorstep is a different story. We have influenced public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the world on a myriad of complex issues. We are subject-matter experts on most health and environmental issues. There are few topics that we haven’t covered and we have worked in all mediums, including broadcasting and publishing.

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We are veteran authors who have worked with New York publishers for more than 25 years.

We are syndicated journalists who have been published around the world. We are technical writers and copywriters who get the story right for each market segment. We can boil down even the most complex topics, including high tech, engineering and healthcare. We can help you frame the issue and the opportunity, while positioning your company as the leader and the solution of choice. We also can help you develop the strategic plan and the campaigns that will maximize your impact among all stakeholders.

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Crossbow Communications is an award-winning and record-setting brand-management company. We integrate marketing and public affairs for consistency, credibility and maximum impact. Today, we are tackling some of the most vital issues of our time, including global warming, climate change, biodiversity, food and water security, and democracy. We are a Colorado-based corporation. We serve the world.