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Corporate Social Responsibility

Crossbow recommends that all of our clients pursue the path of corporate social responsibility and we lead by example. We have donated hundreds of hours to nonprofit organizations and causes around the world, including Sacred Seedlings, the National Civic League, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metro Denver, the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, Jefferson Center For Mental Health, Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania, Youth Link Kenya, Megabridge Foundation, Earth Keepers Centre of Kenya, and many others. We have devoted hundreds of hours to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, deforestation and climate change, while defending biodiversity, ecosystems, food and water security. It’s been a rewarding investment of time and resources. We always will do what we can to help good people and good causes.

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Crossbow Communications is one of the leading public relations and public affairs firms in the United States. We have influenced public opinion and public policy around the world for more than 30 years. Today, we are tackling some of the most urgent issues of our time, including vital health and environmental challenges. Our offices are in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.