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Crossbow has advised clients in Africa, Asia and North America. We have a network of professionals around the world to support your strategic plans. We have the best digital marketing team in the business.

Gary Chandler, CEO: Chandler helps corporations and nonprofit organizations build their brands, their bottom lines and a better world. He is an award-winning and record-setting strategist who influences public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the world. He has generated millions of dollars in revenue, stockholder equity and media coverage for clients in numerous industries. Chandler integrates the pillars of brand management, including DE+I, ESG, marketing and public affairs for consistency, credibility and maximum impact. He also is an author who has worked with New York publishers for 30 years.

Chandler leads all strategy and the majority of tactical work. He adds tactical support as needed to meet client needs. His accomplishments include:

  • Saved the National Civic League from financial collapse by generating more than $2 million in grants and sponsorships. Developed the Ambassadors In Education Award and convinced MetLife Foundation to sponsor the national program for public schools in 30 cities;
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  • Produced the Global Forestry Conference in Indonesia, which helped avert an international trade war over tropical timber, while developing best practices in forest management;
  • Convinced stakeholders and regulators to accept a novel remediation plan that preserved millions of dollars in stockholder equity for Newmont Mining, while protecting watersheds in Southwest Colorado from historic mine waste;
  • Defended patient rights from a legislative threat in Congress. The award-winning campaign earned media coverage in Time, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Today, CBS Evening News, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN and more;Saved taxpayers in Colorado millions of dollars with a campaign for Medicaid reform.
  • Generated millions of dollars of new public funding for behavioral healthcare. Produced an award-winning stakeholder campaign that featured news legend Mike Wallace and Colorado’s governor;
  • Generated more than $1 million in cash and in-kind donations for Big Brothers of Metropolitan Denver. Helped build the agency into the largest chapter in the United States. Recruited members of the Denver Broncos and Continental Airlines to support the campaign;
  • Formed a new division called Sacred Seedlings to promote biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, reforestation and urban forestry. Raising funds for 15 projects in East Africa, while developing new projects around the world;
  • Formed a new division called Greener Cities to promote sustainability and resiliency around the world; and
  • Subcontracted with several of the most influential firms in Colorado, including GBSM, Hays, Hays & Wilson, MGA Communications, the National Civic League and Tracy-Locke/BBDO Advertising & Public Relations.
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Chandler has published more than 10 books on health and environmental topics. He also has earned two awards from the Public Relations Society of America for cost-effective campaigns.

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Crossbow is an award-winning and record-setting communications company. We integrate DE+I, ESG, marketing and public affairs for consistency, credibility and maximum impact. Today, we are tackling some of the most vital issues of our time, including global warming, climate change, biodiversity, food and water security, and democracy.