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In our battle against climate change, deforestation is a big part of the problem. The good news is that reforestation is a big part of the solution. Deforestation is directly responsible for about 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the carbon released when forests are burned, deforestation cripples the planet’s capacity to filter harmful CO2 from our air, which compounds the greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change and extreme weather. The good news is that forest conservation and reforestation are part of the solution.

While many leaders are still arguing about climate change, an international partnership has been formed to develop some solutions to the growing climate problem. Sacred Seedlings is a U.S. company that is leading an effort to reforest the world, while promoting forest conservation and wildlife conservation. The company has developed one of the largest carbon-capture opportunities in the world today. It’s still expanding and it’s looking for grants, sponsorships and donors to breathe life into the projects as quickly as possible.

“Climate change is not an isolated issue,” said Gary Chandler, founder of Sacred Seedlings. “Many human factors are contributing to the problem and we must respond on many levels—including carbon capture.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a silver-bullet solution to climate change, either. That’s why the team developed a comprehensive approach to help mitigate carbon buildup and make critical ecosystems more resilient.

If all carbon emissions stopped today, our climate problems will continue to intensify because of existing carbon levels in the atmosphere. Energy conservation and renewable energy are critical, but we need carbon-capture strategies to help restore balance to our atmosphere and ecosystems. With the help of foundations, corporations, governments, NGOs and donors, we can conserve existing forests and plant more than 100 million new trees.

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We will plant millions of more trees in Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The reforestation effort in Tanzania alone will capture 2.5 million tons of CO2 every year. The forest conservation (avoided deforestation) component helps us all even more.

Build Your Bottom Line And A Better World

Corporations, foundations and NGOs can sponsor entire projects or specific phases. We can customize sponsorship packages to meet your goals and budget, while further positioning your organization as a leader. We’re creating a meaningful and lasting showcase for our sponsors, including:

  • Carbon credits (voluntary offsets. We are working on regulated market approvals);
  • Site signage (including naming rights and signs on the route to Mt. Kilimanjaro);
  • Ongoing international media coverage;
  • Ongoing social media;
  • Blogs and web links;
  • Documentaries;
  • Events, including groundbreaking and milestone ceremonies;
  • Endorsements, official sponsorship rights and promotional resources.

Crossbow is leading the campaign to fund these projects in East Africa and beyond.

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Contact our CEO, Gary Chandler, at or call 303-278-2865 (USA). For more information, please visit

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