Blogging Builds Online Presence, Influence

The digital revolution is accelerating the transformation of marketing, public relations and advocacy. Channels continue to expand and evolve, while misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and fake news proliferate. While opportunities to reach stakeholders abound, cutting through the clutter and noise is easier said than done.

One of the most powerful tools in the digital toolbox is your website. Your marketing plan should have several strategies to help drive stakeholders and prospects to your site. One of the most cost-effective tactics is to have an active web log (blog). If you aren’t actively posting news to your website, you are missing a powerful opportunity to position your company or organization as a leader.

A blog is a tool that can help position your organization as a leader, the voice of reason and the solution of choice. It’s a forum where you can elaborate, educate and motivate stakeholders, while building your online presence.

A blog is a tool that can attract leads and build relationships with prospects and influencers.

Your blog is a chance to demonstrate industry expertise and thought leadership. Your blog is an important tool for brand development and positioning. It’s a chance to offer success stories, testimonials, research and vision.

Blogging can help build an email list of subscribers. When you post new articles, your subscribers are notified, which will give you an initial surge of traffic. Search engines find sites with blogs more current, dynamic and influential. Hopefully, users will find the content valuable and share it on social media. It all helps you build page rank, traffic and influence.

Your blog posts can be short and simple or long and elaborate. Most importantly, write about topics that your stakeholders want to know about (what problems and solutions are they researching online). Include keywords that help tell search engines what each post is about. Include a good, if not great, photo to help tell the story.

Your blog posts can build your online visibility and influence by feeding your social media with unique content. Applying strategic hashtags can help you draw additional attention on social networks, while building your followers and generating leads.

A strategic blog can boost the onsite search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Your blog will ultimately build your page rank and authority, which means that it will make your organization more visible and more influential.

Part of the art is to write the post strategically. First, pick topics that people care about and search frequently. Secondly, incorporate the most important keywords into your headlines and copy. Finally, measure traffic to your website and posts to track audience engagement. Google analytics is one of the most popular tools, but other metric platforms are available. Personally, I prefer Jetpack.

Pro Tips: Include at least one powerful photograph or graphic. Include a video clip when relevant. Invite guest writers to be part of your editorial calendar. Post at least once per month. Be patient and persistent. Every post represents an opportunity to listen and learn.

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