Public Programs, Property Under Assault

Former U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower was a courageous man. Like many others, he served his nation in war and peace. However, his greatest deed may have been the warning that he issued on his departure from the White House, “Beware of the military industrial complex,” he said. I respect those words more than ever. We all should use that warning as a measuring post of our so-called global leaders today.

Eisenhower’s warnings seem to resonate more and more by the day as governments around the world spin from one crisis to another with disregard for citizen opinion, input or impact. It’s a classic case of taxation without representation in the United States on several issues. Each crisis supposedly justifies the expense and the brush off. More are on the way. It reminds me of the movie Wag The Dog. It’s a predictable script and people keep buying tickets.

Meanwhile, corporate influence, access and profits have never been greater as the national poverty rate and debt escalate. The same formula is playing out around the world and its gaining speed at an alarming rate. After all, the Trojan Horse is a tried and true strategy. It requires an equal dose of trust and betrayal to succeed.

As The United States ponders another round of pre-planned insanity in Iraq, domestic terrorism seems to be a higher priority. In fact, corruption might be the greatest threat that we have ever faced. The question is how high does it go and how far is it entrenched. The ultimate question is who pulls the strings in this global orchestra.

We have all been conditioned to think that the only way to overthrow a government is with bombs, bullets and biological warfare. As the song goes, without a strong and expensive military machine, we could fall prey to communists and terrorists. Is it possible that the terrorists are the ones who sold us this bill of goods and then financed it at the Bank Of Crooks and Criminals.

That formula has worked very well as defense contractors have been enriched and taxpayers are bled to death. After all, if they can make money on bombs, bullets and bonds, their whole team can get an extra yacht. Then, they foreclose on your nation when you can’t pay for those bombs. It’s happened before (see the book below).

Unfortunately, we have met the enemy and it is us. If corporations and politicians are more ambitious than the citizens of my fine country and others, we deserve to be treated like consumers and collateral. We deserve to get ripped off and lied to over and over again. However, if the deck is totally stacked against democracy to protect fiefdoms and thieves, it’s another story.

The modern way–a much more profitable way–to overthrow a government is bankruptcy. It’s possible to rip off a nation and then enslave it. It’s been playing out around the world for decades. It’s a little-known American export complements of the University of Chicago and world-renowned economics “expert” Milton Friedman (better known as a vulture capitalist who despised competition and free trade in the pursuit of easy money). The blueprint seems to be coming home to roost.

I wish that I could take credit for the revelation, but it was a brave author named Naomi Klein who opened my eyes. She wrote a powerful book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism. As she explains, that scenario has been executed in several countries around the world with the help of American consultants and governments. You must read the book. The first Iraq war was a great example of the financial war on America. Waste. Fraud. Abuse. Dead soldiers. Abandoned veterans.

privatizing America

Had I not read the book, global events would have me pacing around a padded room in a tight white jacket today. Having read the book, that padded room is still there, but the lights are much brighter and my babbling is slightly more focused.

The essence of the Shock Doctrine is that a corrupt government can bankrupt a state, while enriching themselves and their friends. Then, in a state of financial crisis, a bailout is conjured up by the same vultures that took them down.

The crisis is so painful that the subjects (citizens) are happy to accept any solution–even one that was pre-planned by con men and con women. As part of the deal, they put draconian measures on the state (rewrite the constitution) and pillage all public properties along the way. Detroit is a micro example of the same formula (and a test balloon). After the bankrupt subjects kiss the rings of the saviors who ripped them off, the saviors slap on a new high-interest loans to maintain income and leverage over the the puppets–should they ever lean toward real democracy again.

As I pull out my scorecard, the U.S. and other nations have about a million foreseeable and preventable disasters on their hands. Prevention would be much cheaper than the cure for most of these crises, but we just keep crashing into the same walls over and over again. That works out well for crisis managers and anarchists who are placing their bets on deliberate bankruptcy. It works out well if your friends are driving the ambulances and tow trucks that clean up each mess.

For example, how is it that the United States can have the most intrusive surveillance program in the history of the world, but it can’t seem to see or stop a single disaster of any sort. We can pull the smoking gun out of a pile of rubble at the World Trade Center (Attah’s passport), but we can’t figure out what happened to missing jets. We can kill people with unmanned drones, but we can’t schedule a doctor’s appointment for a veteran? Come on. Don’t piss on our leg and call it fertilizer.

If this system couldn’t spot thousands of American war heroes being terrorized on American soil, I smell a rat. We have given up our rights and billions of dollars just to be betrayed. Border security is a joke. Airport security is a joke. Security at the World Trade Center is a joke. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank and they aren’t done, yet.

The VA scam cuts right to the fabric of America. Healthcare corporations have been salivating for years over the VA’s multi-billion dollar annual budget. They had to conjure up a crisis at the VA to cause outrage. They killed some soldiers. Now, there is so much outrage that people are saying, please send those soldiers to a private doctor and please send us the bill. It’s happening now. Mission accomplished. Veterans’ abuse. Taxpayer fraud and abuse. Corporate profits looking brighter already. I don’t think these soldiers sacrificed their life, limbs and minds to promote crisis capitalism (a nice name for blood money). What ever happened to good old competition and customer satisfaction. That’s what capitalism is about. Are we nothing but arrogant and selfish pimps and prostitutes who are willing to screw anyone for a buck. Even our most unselfish heroes?

America’s VA scandal is further proof that the war on terrorism is misguided at best. I say that corruption is terrorism and this scandal sits squarely on the plates of the Commander in Chief, Senators, members of Congress and beyond. Those elected officials are either complicit or negligent–both are criminal acts. We can’t let the coverup be greater than the crime. Yet, no one has taken control of the crime scene in Phoenix and records are still being destroyed. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, we have another crisis in Iraq. This just in, but apparently we wasted billions of dollars and hundreds of soldiers on the war to nowhere 10 years ago. I’m sure if we waste billions more, we can find weapons of mass destruction or more oil this time, while enriching the usual suspects from Wall Street. Be sure to throw out some no-bid contracts and hire those private mercenaries who make much more than our “public” soldiers. Who can argue with more smart bombs and dumb doctors to bleed a nation to death.

Further evidence of a lost democracy is a government that no longer listens to people. That’s a long list today. People in my country are being poisoned with chemtrails, fracking, pesticides, sewage sludge and a relentless flow of disinformation.

The government is giving away our natural resources and our wildlife. Killing our mustangs and wolves against the public will. They are lying about a deadly protein epidemic called chronic wasting disease. It’s killing our wildlife and with threatens our food and water supplies. Overall, we have a government that stands for taxation without representation. The question now is whether citizens are willing to stand for anything.

One of the most insane situations in America today involves guns. America’s second amendment has declared war on our first amendment. Our government and the NRA do more to protect the rights of gun-hugging hate mongers (who hate our government), than it does to protect our peaceful, patriotic citizens. Can the nation survive constitutional warfare? Or, is that part of the goal to overthrow our constitution? I don’t have the answers, either, but it’s clear who is running most nations and who is not.

Thanks to crisis capitalism, we have crisis managers in leadership positions. They are firmly looking backwards waiting for the next iceberg. Remember, their friends sell lifeboats. 

However, if the citizens will see through this facade, we can rise up together and say that the emperor’s have no clothes. We can expose their greedy little game of inbreeding, while we still have a chance. If we don’t, we will get what we deserve. Beware the government that’s selling life boats. Turn on the bright lights and ask the questions that keep them up at night.

Corruption isn’t new, but it’s more dangerous than ever as we fight for critical issues, including poverty, climate change, deforestation, food-safety, clean and abundant water, biodiversity, health and many more. We need leaders who are as brave and sincere as the soldiers sent to war. It’s our patriotic duty to demand accountability, which is drastically lacking now. To purge the problem, we must treat corruption like terrorism. Better, yet, treat it like treason. Zero tolerance. Sudden death.

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