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Earned media is one of the most influential mediums among stakeholders, consumers and government officials. Earned media is a leadership strategy and a positioning strategy that pays dividends in many ways. In fact, the power and cost-effectiveness of earned media is one of the factors that’s driving the integration of marketing, public relations and public affairs.

In the marketing arena, media placements can build awareness, understanding and support in ways that advertising cannot. Strategists on all fronts must be skilled in the art of market segmentation and cutting through the clutter. Strategists must be great navigators because channels are more diverse, fragmented and targeted than ever.

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As the media world continues to evolve, earned media is still the most credible and influential way to fuel your social media content and your relationships with online influencers. In fact, the development of fake news is giving traditional news sources more clout.

Earned media can create a viral sensation and a social media bonanza.

Generating meaningful news today requires strategic planning, research and personal pitches with multimedia support. It requires patience, persistence and credibility. We have generated news around the world for more than 30 years. We have worked with top journalists, including the legendary Mike Wallace and the 60 Minutes team. We also are former journalists, active bloggers and published authors.

Strategic media placements can shape public opinion, public policy and business decisions. Earned media can help build awareness, understanding and support, while positioning your organization as a leader and the voice of reason. We have generated millions of dollars worth of media placements for our clients. We know how to shape news and pitch news. We also monitor breaking news and events to create meaningful opportunities for our clients to shape the conversation across all channels. Our earned media placements include:

  • 60 Minutes;
  • CBS Evening News;
  • CNN;
  • Good Morning America;
  • Newsweek;
  • Nightline;
  • The Wall Street Journal;
  • Time;
  • Today;
  • USA Today; and
  • Many more.

Market research shows that 92 percent of people trust earned media more than advertising.

Make the right pitches to the right people at the right time with strategic planning and opportunism. We can turn your organization into a news machine, a leader and the voice of reason.

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