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Neurodegenerative disease is the fastest-growing cause of death in the world. The autism epidemic shares the same timing, trajectory and more. Coincidence or correlation? This website connects the dots. Misinformation and mismanagement are contributing to the global epidemic of brain disease in people of all ages.

Alzheimer’s disease alone is killing 50-100 million people now and spreading fast. Experts suggest that the prevalence of brain disease will quadruple by 2050, if not sooner. Meanwhile, death rates from heart disease and cancer are dropping globally due to advances in nutrition, medicine and disease management.

Keep reading to find out why:

  • Alzheimer’s disease is part of a spectrum disease known as prion disease, which also includes Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The spectrum also is known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE);
  • Alzheimer’s disease is an infectious prion disease, which is often misdiagnosed and undiagnosed. Millions of diagnoses are being suppressed by physicians;
  • The bodily fluids of those with prion disease are infectious;
  • Wastewater treatment plants are contaminating our food and water supplies by spreading deadly prions via sewage sludge, biosolids and reclaimed wastewater. The risk assessments involving these facilities and their by-products were prepared before prions were discovered and characterized;
  • Wildlife, sea mammals, livestock and people are contracting prion disease from mismanaged sewage; 
  • Caregivers are in harm’s way because of disease mismanagement; 
  • It’s time to reclassify sewage sludge, biosolids and reclaimed wastewater as infectious waste; and 
  • It’s time to defend our food, water and air from infectious waste by enforcing the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act Of 2002 and similar laws around the world.

Abnormal proteins are now associated with autism. In fact, it appears that the biggest difference between the neurodegenerative disease spectrum and autism spectrum disorders is age. Both spectrums share common environmental causes and pathologies.

Dr. Stanley Prusiner, an American neuroscientist from the University of California at San Francisco, earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for discovering and characterizing deadly prions (deadly proteins) and prion disease, also known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). The operative word is “transmissible.” Prions are a deadly and unstoppable form of protein that migrates, mutates, multiplies and kills with unparalleled efficiency.

President Obama awarded Prusiner the National Medal of Science in 2010 to recognize the importance of his research. Unfortunately, Prusiner’s science is being ignored and we all are facing a public health disaster because of the negligence and reckless disregard for public health.

TSE is a spectrum disease also known as prion disease. The spectrum includes Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and an extremely aggressive version known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Prusiner claims that all forms of TSE are caused by infectious proteins known as prions (PREE-ons). The prion spectrum varies in severity. It also varies depending on which region of the brain is impacted first. When the presenting symptom is memory loss, the diagnoses flow along the following chart.

prion disease spectrum

Studies confirm that people and animals dying of prion disease contaminate the environment around them because infectious prions are in the skin, urine, feces, blood, mucus and saliva of each victim. These infectious bodily fluids are contributing to the rapid spread of Alzheimer’s and other mutations of prion disease.

“There is now real evidence of the potential transmissibility of Alzheimer’s,” says Thomas Wiesniewski M.D. a prion and Alzheimer’s researcher at New York University School of Medicine. “In fact, this ability to transmit an abnormal conformation is probably a universal property of amyloid-forming proteins (prions).”

Wastewater treatment plants are spreading this infectious waste because they are incapable of stopping prions. All by-products and discharges from wastewater treatment plants are infectious waste, which are contributing to the global epidemic of neurodegenerative disease among humans, wildlife and livestock. Sewage sludge (biosolids) and wastewater reclamation are causing widespread contamination. In fact, the U.S. EPA admitted in November 2018 that it could not assess the risks associated with dumping sewage sludge on land–a practice that it promoted for more than 40 years. In fact, it encouraged other nations to follow its flawed/fraudulent risk assessments and poison their food and water supplies, too.

Claudio Soto, PhD, professor of neurology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, and his colleagues recently found human prions in urine. Soto also confirmed that plants uptake prions and are infectious and deadly to those who consume such plants. Therefore, humans, wildlife and livestock are vulnerable to prion disease via plants grown on land treated with sewage sludge and reclaimed sewage water.

prion research Joel Pedersen

Prion researcher Dr. Joel Pedersen (above), from the University of Wisconsin, found that prions become 680 times more infectious in certain soils. Pedersen also found that sewage treatment does not inactivate prions. Therefore, prions are lethal, mutating, migrating and multiplying everywhere sewage is dumped.

“Our results suggest that if prions enter municipal wastewater treatment systems, most of the agent would bond to sewage sludge, survive anaerobic digestion, and be present in treated biosolids,” Pedersen said. “Land application of biosolids containing prions represents a route for their unintentional introduction into the environment. Our results emphasize the importance of keeping prions out of municipal wastewater treatment systems. Prions could end up in sewage treatment plants via slaughterhouses, hospitals, dental offices and mortuaries just to name a few of the pathways. The disposal of sludge represents the greatest risk of spreading prion contamination in the environment. Plus, we know that sewage sludge pathogens, pharmaceutical residue and chemical pollutants are taken up by plants and vegetables.”

Deer, elk, moose and reindeer are now contracting prion disease from humans. To help cloak the epidemic, it’s called chronic wasting disease. When cattle are exposed to prions, it’s being called mad cow disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, which is just a clever way of saying transmissible spongiform encephalopathy).

Once unleashed on the environment, prions remain infectious. They migrate, mutate and multiply as they infect crops, water supplies and more.

When the U.S. government enacted the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, it classified prions as select agents that pose an extreme risk to food, water and much more. Unfortunately, the CDC quietly took prions off the list because the regulation criminalized entire industries and several reckless practices.

Raising livestock and crops on land contaminated with infectious waste is foolish and a public health time bomb. Dumping it where it can go airborne, leach into water, or contaminate farmland/crops is reckless. Sewage sludge applied to land is contributing to chronic wasting disease in deer, elk, moose, reindeer and other mammals. Sewage sludge is contributing to Alzheimer’s disease, CJD, Parkinson’s, microcephaly, west nile virus, equine herpes, and much, much more. The infection spreads via many vectors.

biosolids and public health

Livestock are vulnerable to prion disease, too. Raising beef and dairy cattle on land infected with prions is reckless.

It’s just a matter of time until mad cow disease rears its ugly head again–it’s here to stay because prions are migrating and incubating in the soil–and then the water. A deadly prion is a deadly prion. There is no species barrier.

There is a pile of research and evidence that demonstrates cross-species transmission of prion disease. Those who peddle this crap (biosolids) should be strung up for bioterrorism and treason. Reclaimed wastewater faces the same issue. Hospitals throw away expensive equipment that has been exposed to deadly prions. How are the brain surgeons in the sewage industry neutralizing them? It isn’t possible–especially in a wastewater treatment plant. As such, everything that leaves these facilities is infectious waste.

It’s time for the regulatory world to keep up with the real world. Brain disease is surging globally and the reckless dumping of infectious waste is driving it. It’s time for the U.S. government to enforce the Bioterrorism Prevention and Response Act of 2002. It’s time for other governments to stop relying on risk assessments peddled by the U.S. EPA that recklessly declared biosolids safe even though it was fully aware of the unstoppable prion threat.

The EPA deliberately overlooked several risks associated with the land application of sewage sludge. Since that time, the risks have intensified greatly. Sewage sludge is unregulated infectious waste, toxic waste and nuclear waste all rolled into one. The only thing that approximates fertilizer is the BS that the EPA, industry and the shit-heads are spreading deep. Biosolids and sewage sludge should be immediately reclassified as infectious waste and handled accordingly. Thanks to reckless policies, extreme weather now fans the flames. Tornadoes, floods, droughts and rising tides are pushing tons of sewage further into the lives of everyone. It’s a perfect storm.

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