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Deforestation generates about 20 percent of greenhouse gasses, which contribute to global warming and climate change. Deforestation also cripples our planet’s ability to filter carbon dioxide from our air. Destroying these carbon sinks also threatens entire watersheds, endangered species and endangered cultures around the world.

Energy conservation, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture are all part of the solution, but we need proven carbon capture strategies to help restore balance to our atmosphere. We need forests more than ever.

I don’t see any silver bullets on climate change, so we obviously need to pursue several strategies.

CO2 redux is critical right now. If we can’t cut emissions, carbon sinks are a critical part of that equation. That means that we must STOP deforestation now and maximize reforestation–especially in critical regions of the world. We must stabilize ecosystems and our atmosphere. Carbon management is just part of that goal.

Global warming is not a one-headed monster of carbon buildup in the atmosphere. We must defend entire ecosystems from collapse to save our web of life–our support system. Too many government and corporate goals ignore the importance of biodiversity in this fight against climate change.

At a meeting in Aichi, Japan, representatives of 194 nations formalized these global priorities. A report called Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 demonstrates that “with concerted efforts at all levels,” we can still achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. If we do, we will also “significantly contribute to the broader global priorities of eliminating poverty, improving human health and providing energy, food, and clean water for all.”

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The world diversity plan report came at the start of a huge worldwide biodiversity meeting in South Korea, with 20,000 government officials, environmentalists, and businesspeople attending. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, has urged all countries and stakeholders to include biodiversity in planning, recognize that biodiversity contributes to solving development challenges, and increase our efforts to achieve biodiversity goals. He noted that recognition and follow-up, as outlined in the world diversity plan, could help lead to a meaningful, legal climate change agreement by the critical Paris conference next December.

Whether you believe in god, science or both, all species of plants and animals are here for a reason. We can never recreate ecosystems that are here to help us. We can’t afford to destroy our remaining biodiversity for the sake of stockholder enrichment. We must save these critical ecosystems for stakeholder survival. This battle must embrace more than just the issue of fossil fuels.

Crossbow is leading a global campaign to defend ecosystems. The program is called Sacred Seedlings. We have projects ready across Africa now. We seek volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thanks to the leadership of NGOs and stakeholders in East Africa, we now have 14 comprehensive plans that can fight global climate change, while defending cultures, communities and entire ecosystems. We need your help.

Our projects in East Africa include Burundi, Kenya, RwandaTanzania and Uganda. They represent one of the largest carbon capture opportunities available today. They represent hope and vision by dedicated NGO leaders. We’re adding more projects around the world. In addition to carbon capture, these plans promote:

  • Sustainable agriculture, including aquaculture and beekeeping;
  • Solar-powered communities;
  • Community education about wildlife conservation and forest conservation;
  • Wildlife conservation and;
  • Sustainable economic development;
  • Jobs for men and women.

Sacred Seedlings is a global coalition to support forest conservation, reforestation, urban forestry, sustainable agriculture, carbon capture, and wildlife conservation.

Sustainable land management and land use are critical to the survival of entire ecosystems.

Sacred Seedlings is a U.S.-based program that supports the vision of local stakeholders.

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