Public Relations Firm Integrates Stakeholder Communications

Brand management isn’t just a concept for corporations. Small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits also must adhere to best practices in brand management to maximize awareness, understanding and support. Without integration and coordination, it’s impossible to speak with one voice. We recommend that our clients integrate all stakeholder communications for maximum impact and credibility, including:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Stockholders
  • Members
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Government
  • Allies
  • Distributors

Regardless of the audience, it’s all about building relationships and influence. It all belongs under the marketing umbrella. The key is strategic planning that ties all stakeholder communications into the revenue model.

Internal public affairs and public relations professionals should feel the pressure of the organization’s revenue goals. Plus, everything that these spokespeople say and do impacts the brand.

Therefore, everyone involved in stakeholder communications must be an expert on the company, its vision and its key messages.

I once produced a campaign to influence policies and funding for community mental health care. To build awareness and overcome all possible objections, we produced a high-profile public service campaign that featured the Governor of Colorado and news legend Mike Wallace. We solicited testimonials from state legislators, judges, corrections officials and community members about the importance of early intervention and proper care. The campaign was creative, resourceful and effective. The public service announcements and the media coverage generated more than $1 million dollars of earned media. It helped thousands of people find the community resources that they needed and it generated millions of dollars in new funding for these vital services. The changes also helped save Colorado taxpayers millions of dollars per year.

This campaign tied media relations, government relations, employee relations and stakeholder relations all together under the marketing umbrella. We used strategic planning to boost our credibility and influence among all stakeholders simultaneously. It paved the road for improved policy, improved funding and a community health care system that is still evolving today.

Government affairs, investor relations and public relations were once silos in corporate culture. In some organizations, they still need better integration to build your brand and your bottom line.

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