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The urge to reclaim and recycle wastewater in the face of climate change and rising human populations is tempting. Places such as Singapore have been doing it for years. Unfortunately, reclaiming wastewater and spreading biosolids (sewage sludge) on our crops, parks and golf courses is creating an environmental nightmare. The practice must be stopped to protect our remaining water, our food and our lives.

Nobel Prize Stanley Prusiner

We have an unstoppable and untreatable global epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s killing 50 million people around the globe now. Related diseases include Creutzfeldt-Jakob in humans, mad cow (livestock), chronic wasting (deer, elk, moose and other animals) and others. Canada announced that chronic wasting disease (CWD) in its wild herds is unstoppable.

All prion diseases are unstoppable and the time for denial is over. The time for intelligent management is now. All prion diseases will escalate, but that is no rationale for spreading the disease around with even more wastewater reuse.

Despite the confusing name game, these diseases all have a common thread called a prion (PREE-on).  Prions are a deadly form of protein that attacks and consumes the nervous system of its victims. Prion diseases are deadly and unstoppable. The prion itself is unstoppable and mammals with prion disease contaminate everything that they touch and many things that they don’t.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

The prion pathogen is spread through blood, urine, feces, mucas, saliva, milk and cell tissue. This means that as more and more people get Alzheimer’s and CJD, the more deadly prions are going into our sewage systems. The treatment technology does not stop prions. The U.S. EPA admits the risk and the inability to detect or neutralize prions. The EPA has refused to issue guidance on the matter, which leaves it up to states to plead ignorance and approve more and more reuse projects. This has been very profitable for industry, convenient for dried up towns, and ludicrous by all measures of reason.

biosolids fertilizer dangerous

I will spare you from more ugly detail for the moment. The pathogen has already been spread far and wide, but it’s not too late to stop the stupidity. The pathogen is real. Just ask Nobel-Laureate Stanley Prusiner, who earned the Prize for discovering these deadly proteins. The pathogen is deadly and unstoppable. International reform is critical.  We are happy to consult with industry, regulators or advocates for reform on wastewater, biosolids and overall disease management.

To learn more, please visit http://alzheimerdisease.tv/what-causes-alzheimers-disease/. The site is very informative, but you can get even more insight from our new eBook Alzheimer’s: A Survivor’s Guide.

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