Corporate Sustainability Ignoring Endangered Species 

As we all know, rainforest conservation and restoration are critical to life as we know it. It’s about carbon AND it’s about the delicate and vital web of life that we all depend upon.

Biodiversity is a critical part of sustainability, and the rainforests of the world have more endangered and threatened species of plants and animals than the rest of the world combined. If carbon dioxide emissions are our only barometer of sustainability, then the web of life will collapse (and our kids/grandkids will be caught in the squeeze). I’ve seen too many sustainability claims by corporations that don’t address biodiversity. As such, losers are allowed to look like leaders.

sustainable palm oil deforestation

The world needs more than concrete and palm oil plantations. That’s why we’re working with several NGOs in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) now to help reforest thousands of acres and conserve thousands more. We will plant millions of trees. An urban forestry component will help create weather barriers that can cut energy demands and the associated carbon emissions.

wildlife conservation advertising campaign

This project is not the silver bullet, but it’s a major step in the right direction. Once funded, we will plant millions of trees over the next five years. It will create jobs and help renew national pride (and conservation/sustainability). Please help us spread the word to potential funders. Please raise your hand if you have skills or expertise that can help assure success. The projects are shovel-ready now. Please visit

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