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As the national debt, government dysfunction and political divisiveness reach all-time highs in America, it’s time to close the gap between public opinion and public policy. Unfortunately, institutional corruption and public apathy have become our greatest threats. Informed, engaged and empowered citizens can turn the tide.

We have influenced public opinion and public policy around the world with the help of stakeholders, allies and influencers. The communications landscape is changing faster than ever. The quest for greater online visibility and influence is driving the convergence of marketing, public relations and public affairs, which puts a premium on integration, strategic planning and opportunism. Harness these powerful trends and turn issues into opportunities on Main Street, Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Put public opinion and public policy to work for you.

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Our strengths include a broad range of health and environmental issues, including biodiversity, land use and neurodegenerative disease. We’re also vocal advocates for public education.

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Crossbow Communications is an international advertising agency and public relations firm based in Denver, Colorado. It has a new office in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm specializes in issue management and public affairs.