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Denver-based advertising agency, public relations firm and public affairs strategist has expanded operations to Arizona. After 30 years in Denver, serving health, education and natural resource clients, Crossbow opened an office in Phoenix.

The award-winning communications firm has served clients in most industries. It also is developing programs and projects regarding health, environment and sustainability. The founder of the PR firm, Gary Chandler, has published several books on related topics. Natural resource conservation and healthcare are among the company’s priorities today.

“Arizona is a natural step for us from Colorado,” said Gary Chandler, Crossbow’s founder and president. “Natural resources and health care are big issues in Arizona.”

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The communications landscape is changing faster than ever, said Chandler. The quest for greater online visibility and influence is driving the integration of marketing,public relations and public affairs, which puts a premium on strategic planning and opportunism. Those changes will accelerate as information technologies continue to converge and new channels fragment the media world even more.

The PR firm has helped influence public opinion and public policy around the world. It has worked with some of the most influential organizations around the globe, including trade associations, corporations, NGOs and publishers. It also has worked with some of the most influential journalists, including Mike Wallace and many others.

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Crossbow Communications is an international marketing and public affairs firm. We can help you influence public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the globe. We can help build your brand, your bottom line and a better world. Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. We’re opening a new office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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