Reclaimed Wastewater, Biosolids Spreading Disease

Recycling wastewater and waste is a good idea, but recycling an unstoppable disease is reckless and criminal. When we admit that deadly prions are in wastewater and can’t be eliminated, we understand how entire watersheds are at risk of permanent contamination from recycling sewage. Injecting it directly into drinking supplies is absolutely foolish and greedy.

biosolids land application sewage sludge

The reason to stop the practice is prion disease. Prions cause a deadly, incurable disease in people, wildlife and livestock, including Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow (BSE), Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), and Scrapie. These are essentially the same disease, with variations in symptoms due to mutations and the genetics of the victim. We have an unstoppable, global epidemic on our hands now.

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Adding to the environmental nightmare, people who have these diseases (many don’t know it), spread the prion pathogen via their bodily fluids, including blood, saliva, urine and feces. Just one infected person who uses a public sewage system will permanently contaminate the sewage treatment process and its effluent. Prions are unstoppable, which means that a sewage treatment plant is a prion incubator helping prions mutate and migrate. The U.S. EPA will confirm that fact even though they have failed to issue policy or guidance.

So the key question is whether anyone with prion disease ever discharged bodily fluids into your sewage system? Will anyone with prion disease use that sewer system in the future? It’s impossible to say no. Ask a doctor or coroner if they will touch the body of a person who has/had CJD. Ask a doctor how they tell the difference between a person with CJD and Alzheimer’s. The fact is that these diseases are all the same. They all are transmissible. They all will kill you. There is no cure. Are you willing to gamble with recycled water and biosolids based on these facts?

Nobel Prize Stanley Prusiner

Dr. Stanley Prusiner earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for identifying and studying deadly prions. President Obama awarded Prusiner the National Medal of Science in 2010 for his work. Prions represent an environmental nightmare. It would be more responsible to recycle radioactive waste into our food and water systems than recycled water and biosolids.

The deadly prion spectrum also includes mad cow disease and chronic wasting disease in deer, elk and moose. Many species of mammals have contracted TSE. Sick animals are canaries in a coal mine. Prions are a real-world version of Pandora’s Box. Governments and industries that ignore these pathogens are reckless and responsible.

  • Women are contracting neurodegenerative disease at twice the rate of men;
  • Caregivers are six times more likely to contract brain disease (most caregivers are women); and
  • People in Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United States have the highest prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease.

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