Phoenix PR Firm Helps Nonprofit Organizations

Most nonprofits and cause-related organizations must do more with less as demands for services are rising and competition for scarce resources is more intense than ever. Great causes can’t afford to be overshadowed by competitors or miss an opportunity to build relationships with sponsors, donors, volunteers or other allies.

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Thanks to a special offer from an American advertising and public relations firm, cause-related organizations around the world can help raise their online profile, while helping another important cause.

Marketing firm Crossbow Communications is helping nonprofit clients develop a more comprehensive, integrated and productive online presence. The strategists developed a special package for those who need a new, renewed or expanded web and social strategy to help generate larger online audiences and more stakeholder support. The online marketing package includes:

  • Web hosting and email services;
  • Copy editing (copy supplied by client or extra charge for copywriting);
  • Website/blog design and development, including sharing tools and analytics;
  • Offsite and onsite optimization, including posts (content marketing), promotion to social networks and search engines, back links and more;
  • Site maintenance;
  • Owner’s manual for optimal integration with your social networks; and
  • Clients must supply copy, photos, graphics and domain registration. We will build a site very similar to our own site and many others that we have built for ourselves and clients (we recommend this dynamic format because it is very friendly to search engines).

“All projects initiated before December 31 will benefit conservation projects in East Africa,” said Crossbow’s president, Gary Chandler. “It’s a great chance to build your bottom line and a better world.”

wildlife conservation advertising campaign

Most online marketing packages start at $4,950 for the first year. After one year, clients can handle most of it on their own with the help of our owner’s manual. Basic packages start at $999.

Please contact us for an assessment of your needs, opportunities and a precise quote. You can reach Gary Chandler or call 602-999-7204 (USA). No reasonable offers refused as long as we have time available.

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